Accurate accounts, promptly prepared, are the foundation for many other areas such as tax returns,VAT returns, audits and the payment of bonuses. But they are also an essential management mechanism for senior executives considering investment decisions or the appointment of new staff.

Our Services:

  • The efficient organisation and maintenance of financial bookkeeping
  • The prompt preparation of annual and interim financial statements
  • The preparation of consolidated annual accounts
  • The impeccable organisation and maintenance of operating accounts
  • The detailed maintenance of security and real-estate accounts

Financial advice

Are you considering early retirement? Do you want to buy a house? Are you about to start your own business? Are you facing changes in your family circumstances? All these events need careful financial planning if future problems are to be avoided.

Our specialist areas:

  • financial planning
  • pensions
  • insurance
  • monitoring your financial affairs

Management consultancy

Companies occasionally find themselves confronted with out-of-the-ordinary situations that require professional outside assistance. With its wide-ranging know-how and experience,KBT TREUHAND AG is an ideal partner in exeptional circumstances, and can provide the input you need to make the right decision.

We have particular expertise in these areas:

  • the sale and purchase of companies and equity holdings
  • company formations and conversions
  • mergers
  • corporate restructuring, liquidity planning
  • financial and investment planning
  • succession planning
  • due diligence
  • assessments

Real estate consulting

KBT TREUHAND AG is a reliable and efficient partner in the real estate sector; for strategic consulting as well as in practice. Our goal is a long-term and sustainable increase of the profit by a good and responsible maintenance and a consistent strategic positioning on the market. We are a reliable contact for owners and tenants. Our main areas are:

  • Support and consultancy for purchase and sale of properties
  • Administrative and technical management of properties
  • Due Diligence at acquisition of properties
  • Renovation planning and budget monitoring
  • Real estate accounting